The Grampians presents over 10,000 hectares of National Park with stunning sandstone mountains, picturesque waterfalls, scenic bush-walks, magnificent views and abundant wildlife. It boasts rich Aboriginal heritage and the region is known for its award-winning wines and local produce. The beauty of the region inspires local artists and attracts nature lovers and adventurers. 

Not sure where to start? We are here to help!

Let us guide you around the region, using GPS locations, allowing you to experience the Grampians, your way. Not only will you find hidden gems around the region, but you will also experience the purest feeling of being connected, to yourself, your loved ones and nature, whilst having loads of fun. 

Fulfil tasks, collect letters, collect a little treasure or enter the draw to win!

Now all you need to do is choose.



Grampians Treasure Hunts is at this stage exclusive for guests staying at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park, at no charge for now!


We have created multiple treasure hunts covering a wide variety of interests.


To play you will need a code which you can obtain from the friendly reception staff at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park They are more than happy to guide you in the right direction. To make the choice of hunt a little easier you can also check the Treasure Hunt menu available at reception. One code per stay per booking. No charge for now, so make the most of it!


Use your unique code to download the chosen treasure hunt through the Grampians Treasure Hunts app which is available for free at Google Play and the App store. It might pay off to download this app prior to arrival. Alternatively you can log in to the wifi hotspot in the wifi hub at Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. After you downloaded your treasure hunt the app will work off-line, just make sure you have your location finder on, so your device will recognize the GPS locations!


By downloading the GTH app you automatically accept terms and conditions. Please be aware that all treasure hunts include the use of a car and adult supervision is required at all times. After entering the code your chosen treasure hunt will be revealed. You will be guided around the region fulfilling tasks and collecting letters. The aim of the game is to collect enough letters to be able to create a word. This word will allow you to enter in our quarterly prize draw or get a little treasure for the kids who completed "Let kids be kids".

OUR Hunts

Explore the Grampians YOUR way!

A journey of discovery awaits!

We have created multiple treasure hunts covering endless opportunities. Let’s be adventurous, go where you haven’t been before and do things you have never done, even if you don’t know how it’s going to turn out!

Whilst “Lets Kids be Kids” focuses on families exploring and creating memories, the “Aboriginal Heritage” takes you back hundreds of years discovering snippets of the lives of the traditional owners. During the warm summer months “Summer Splash” will be released, allowing you and your loved ones to cool down whilst having loads of fun.

We are constantly creating and evolving, so make sure to check in every now and then.

Let Kids be Kids


Where does life go? Are you too getting caught up in the daily routines, hard to find spare time to enjoy some innocent family fun? A break in the Grampians might be the start of the solution. Sitting around the campfire at night sharing stories and toasting marshmallows. Go the extra mile by joining this treasure hunt specifically designed for families with young children. Explore this stunning region, get up close with nature, fulfil tasks whilst creating wonderful everlasting family memories! 

Suitable for: Families with young children (4 and up)

Estimate duration: 3 hours

Pocket money needed: Think ice cream! 

Aboriginal Heritage

Coming a bit later

The Grampians is so rich in its cultural heritage, yet there is so little we know.  The Aboriginal Heritage treasure hunt is specifically designed to get a little insight on how and where the Traditional Owners  lived and how they survived living of the land. Not only very educational but also a lot of fun!

Suitable for: Families and couples

Estimate duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Pocket money needed: A visit to Brambuk Cultural Centre will involve a $5 pp or $15 per family fee.

Summer Splash

Coming very soon

It can get warm here over the summer months but there are plenty of ways to be able to cool down! In no particular order you will take a drive around the region in a nice and cool air conditioned car visiting spots the locals visit on those hot summer days. Great for families who enjoy the road to discovery. Make sure to bring the bathers, sunscreen, life jackets, towels and why not an inflatable! 

Suitable for: Families and couples

Estimate duration: Spread this hunt over a couple of days to be able to enjoy all the locations without rush.

Pocket money needed: Think ice cream, some lunch and a gold coin donation

The Weekender

Coming sooner than later

Weekend in the Grampians but not sure where to start? This treasure hunt will give you a great mix of things to do whilst showcasing the highlights of what the Grampians has to offer!

Suitable for: Families and couples. 

Estimate duration: 4.5 hours

Pocket money needed: Think local produce and maybe some tastings?


What to Bring


Not sure what to bring? Let us give you a hand! Please check the weather forecast before you head out! Sunscreen, hat, wind jacket, rain jacket.


Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks for along the way and that the car has plenty of fuel. Halls Gap does have a fuel station open daily from 7am to 7pm.


A GPS based treasure hunt without a device who runs the app is hard! Make sure your device is fully charged and also bring your car charger. Having your GPS location on zaps the battery fast!


The aim of the game to collect letters to make a word, so it might pay off to bring pen and paper!


Although the treasure hunts don't go off the beaten track, there is always a chance of a little incident. A small first aid kit with most common first aid items might come in handy. Also please remember The Grampians is a National Park which we share with wild life. Although snake sightings are rare, just be aware! In case of any emergencies please call 000.

GET The App

*IOS 9 or newer is required to run the app. (iPhone 5 or newer)


Hi guys, thanks for popping in. My name is Josephina McDonald, founder of Grampians Treasure Hunts and I am thrilled to see you here!

Grampians Treasure Hunts was born out of the desire to showcase the Grampians in its fullest glory. I truly believe it is one of the most magic, stunning, versatile and down to earth places I have ever visited. I am now in the delightful position to call the Grampians my home. We moved to the Grampians in March 2012 after we purchased Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist ParkI soon found out, there were no adequate resources available on all there is to do and see in the region. I decided to gather the information myself to inform our guests how they can spend their time and enjoy the Grampians to their fullest. This is when I started organising paper based treasure hunts around the region. Being so well received by the industry and guests, but extremely time consuming on my end, I decided to go on a hunt myself, looking for a way to be able to collate and share visitor information. 4 years later, in Iceland, I found what I was looking for; an app that I could customise to bring GPS Treasure Hunts to the Grampians!

Grampians Treasure Hunts launched in March 2019 with the “Let Kids be Kids” treasure hunt.

Treasure Hunts are exclusive to guests at Halls Gap Lakeside. But stay tuned, we are exploring options to make Grampians Treasure Hunts more widely available! Happy hunting!

Josephina, founder of Grampians Treasure Hunts